KZ – Final. Verstappen from another planet

- Races
Heated battle between Pex and Abbasse in the early stages, Pex loses out, Lammers sneaks in and Verstappen flies away.

The race gets very close when Ardigò joins in the fight at the 5th lap. Verstappen has already pulled off a huge gap, and the fight is for the remaining steps of the podium. By halfway through the race Verstappen continues to be the fastest on track (lapping consistently within 48”2) with a margin of more than 2” on the chasing group. Lammers manages to sneak in 2nd followed by Ardigò, with Abbasse, Foré and Pex close behind. Positions do not change for most of the race, with few laps to go Foré drops down few positions, but the top four are racing on their own. Ardigò seems to be the slowest of the lot, (we’re talking of hundredths of second!) and with few laps to go Abbasse tries a surprise overtake on the Italian but it doesn’t work. Ardigò will deservedly make it to the last step of the podium with Verstappen and Lammers




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