KZ2 - Final. Negro wins

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The final of the race is all in the duel between Negro and Zanchetta. They demonstrate to be the two major contenders.

In Wackersdorf Negro (DR/Tm) grabs the first round of the European KZ2 Championship over Zanchetta. Johansson starts well but he has to settle for 3rd. Tiene misses the opportunity of grabbing the podium once he got on Antonsen’s rear bumper.


Johansson has not the best start and drops few positions while Negro takes the lead followed by Zanchetta. The Swede comes back and grabs the 3rd place, while Tiene recovers after a bad start just like Brenna. Halfway through the race the top four pull off fastest laps in sequence, but positions freeze for the top three, with Tiene forced out for a technical problem.




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