7 Laghi circuit geared towards Europe

Located on the threshold of the town of Castelletto di Branduzzo, in the province of Pavia, the circuit, which is almost 1,300 metres long, has obtained a C level international homologation and in the spirit of kicking off the 2009 season with a bang, the track will host the prestigious “classic” Trofeo Margutti race.  The 7 Laghi Kart organization has planned for two more international races, as well as two Lombardy regional races. 

While international races have only started to be hosted at the 7 Laghi track recently, it should be stressed that it has been open for more than six years, and more specifically since October of 2002. Yet another year has passed and proper races are beginning to be hosted, not just trial runs, making 7 Laghi an important venue in the karting world, not only in Lombardy, but also in neighbouring areas. Now thanks to the newly obtained C level international homologation, the track is no longer limited to national races and is sure to have a brilliant start to the season with the prestigious Trofeo Margutti race on March 22, which was moved from Parma due to the closing of the S. Pancrazio track. Following this, there will also be the WSK rounds in April and the Open rounds in September, along with three more national races to finish up the season. In order to be well prepared for races of this calibre, which will certainly draw many competitors, the size of the paddock has been increased from 12 thousand sqm to 18. Nevertheless, the complex of the track was already equipped with a bar/restaurant, karting and spare parts shop as well as a garage which is capable of holding about 90 karts for weekend enthusiasts (which is usually full). This track is a favourite amongst enthusiasts of all levels, also because it does not exclude even the youngest of kart drivers, and unlike other tracks they can use it all day long. The track however, has not been modified as there has been no need to do so. The 1,256 metre long track varies in width from 10 to 8 metres and is characterized by chicane curves and rather long straightaways (one of 170 metres and the other 145 m) that lead into a couple of tight hairpin turns, making it a rather fast course, but not too fast.

In the first few rounds the contrast between the fast part with the chicane curves and the hairpin bends becomes clearly apparent. This should be kept in mind when considering stability, as the unbanked fast curves may require more stiffness since they tend to cause the kart to fishtail, consequently slowing it down. Yet, on the straightaways a less stiff  adjustment may be preferred, which helps to keep the engine from slowing down too much. Therefore, the driver plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the kart, as he must be able to control it even if the adjustments to the kart are not always ideal for every possible driving condition. On the one hand, by perfectly using the steer, he must be capable of controlling the kart which has been equipped for slower lines also on the fast stretches; on the other hand, in case the chassis has been adjusted to stay closer to the ground, he must avoid slowing the engine down too much on hairpin turns.

Download the pdf to see the circuit corner by corner

7 Laghi Kart
Strada Bressana-Salice 6
27040 Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) Italy
Tel. +39 0383-895524 – fax +39 0383-895660
web address: www.7laghikart.it
e-mail: info@7laghikart.it
Casteggio-Casatisma Exit (A21 Torino-Piacenza) bear right, going towards Pavia then turn left at the sign for Castelletto at the stop sign turn left, then straight on at the roundabout, the track is to the left after about 300 metres.
from Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (20 minutes for each category)
Open until 9:00 p.m. during the summer  

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