CIK Euro KZ ready to rumble?

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No entry list, no time schedule, nothing, not even a provisional timetable to ponder on...

The European KZ-KZ2 Championship opening round, scheduled on 18-19 May (a little over than two weeks) is somewhat a mysterious event, to say the least.
Difficult to say whether we've been spoiled in the past, with press releases, photographic galleries, pre-entry lists, provisional timetables thrown at the press well in advance to help promote the event.
No, this year the trend is quite the opposite. No sign of nothing relating to the event, with the exception of a page in the CIK website, and a press release and presentation video reel sent out few weeks ago by the event promoter/organizer WSK Promotion.

Well, in the hope to see some signs of activity soon (it's the first event of the CIK season we're talking about), we'll keep checking the official sources...


Stay tuned!
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