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After the scary incident that saw him involved with Jeremy Iglesias during the final of the third round of the WSK Euro Series in Sarno, Kozlinski is back in Lonato near his colleagues and friends to start the recovery period.

The impact, occurred in the long straight following the finish at a very high speed (with KZ you reach 140 km/h), caused him two broken ribs and the detachment of the pleura, and obviously a huge scare.
"Thankfully, the lung has not been damaged by the ribs," declares the French world champion over the phone. "All in all I’ve been lucky, considering the violence and the dynamics of the impact it could have been much worse."

Now Koko will have to take three months to recover, after that he will start the rehabilitation period, and as far as going back into a kart ...
"In these cases it’s better not force the times of recovery, as the physical condition could then suffer serious repercussions. But I'll see you at the track soon," says Koko with his typically positive attitude.

Photo ©M.Nicoletti


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