On-going battle between Zanchetta and Negro in KZ2

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The third round of the WSK Euro Series featured a very exciting 60 Mini final. In KFJ Lorandi was on top. Boccolacci proved unbeatable in KF, while Zanchetta and Negro had few exchanges in KZ2. KZ1 was characterized by a scary accident involving Kozlinski and Iglesias, and race ended under the Slow procedure with Lammers, Thonon and De Conto on the podium.

The third round of the WSK Euro Series took place in Sarno this past weekend.
60 Mini drivers put up once again a very exciting show with three drivers in less than 2 tenths at the chequered flag. Kostantinos managed to have the better of Martinez and Lindh.
In KFJ, four drivers contested the win till the end. Shwartzman, Pulcini, Norris and Lorandi – protagonists of Prefinal A and B – were the clear favourites for the final win. Pulcini managed to grab the lead in the early phases of the final, but Lorandi came back lap after lap and took over the lead followed by Shwartzman and Norris, who completed the podium.
In KF prefinal, Nielsen had the better of Boccolacci and Kodric. But the final was all for Boccolacci, who took the flag undisturbed. Brilliant performance by Basz, who came back from a mid field fight to clinch the second step of the podium ahead of Nielsen, with Kodric out already at the first lap.
In KZ2, Zanchetta snatched the top spot from Negro after sitting behind for part of the race, the two taking the flag separated by a mere 0”055. Third place to local hero Celenta.
KZ1 was characterized by a scary accident involving Kozlinski and Iglesias. After a clean start, the two got together halfway through the race and the race proceeded under the Slow sign. Positions remained unchanged till the end, with Lammers taking the win over Thonon and De Conto.

What happened on Saturday?
The two gearbox categories had their first finals on Saturday.
In KZ2, Riccardo Negro topped the standings already from qualifying with Marco Zanchetta and a superb Alessandro Manetti right on his bumper.
In the heats, Negro confirmed his top form by clinching the pole start also for the final. Next to the DR driver, Di Poto pulled off a surprise performance to grab front row start, with Manetti starting from third and Zanchetta a poor 12th following a contact and retirement in the first heat also involving Celenta. Negro kept the lead at the start and then pulled away, with Midrla from Czech Republic managing to beat the competition for 2nd ahead of Celenta, protagonist of a brilliant comeback.
In KZ1, Ben Hanley was the fastest of the lot in qualifying over Patrik Hajek and Bas Lammers. After the heats, positions remained pretty much unchanged, with Hanley still on top and Hajek right behind De Conto, fourth in qualifying. The Final was dominated by Hanley after a brief spell in the lead by Lammers. Verstappen managed to climb back to third just ahead of De Conto.

Report and photos Manuela Nicoletti

Below, Alessio Lorandi (301) and Dorian Boccolacci (209) winners of KFJ and KF respectively. Also, Ben Hanley, Saturday KZ1 winner. Top, Zanchetta (KZ2) and Negro (112)

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