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In its latest issue, UK Karting Magazine reports on a new, low budget class for UK Junior drivers aged between 11 and 15 called Junior Tyro, developed by Protrain Racing.

The very interesting concept caught our attention as something that could easily be implemented in other countries at times of struggling entries such as these.
The main claim by Karting Magazine as to the reason for introducing a new category in the already crowded karting offer is that
“Junior Tyro has been designed to get people into karting and it may just achieve that.”

Karting Magazine goes on to explain
“The concept behind the class is for a low cost kart that "Dads and Lads" can get together and race at an MSA meeting without having to go through the ARKS test and all the costs entailed in obtaining a licence. Junior Tyro drivers may race as soon as they have a MSA Clubman licence (free), their parent/guardian has obtained a guardian licence (£17) and they are able to lap at a speed that satisfies the Clerk of Course on the day.”

The kart is equipped with a Gillard chassis with mechanical brake, an electric start Radne Raket 95 engine (7.9 kW / 10 bhp with max 13.000 rpm and 18mm Tillotson carb) and Heidenau intermediate tyres good for both dry and wet track. The cost is £2,450 + VAT for a ready to race kart.

Also, as an incentive to draw as many newcomers as possible, Protrain Racing offers the opportunity for a "Kart Taster" at Rissington at £100 per day + VAT which include test and race fee. Protrain provides the kart, helmet, race suit and gloves, while racing boots have to be provided by drivers themselves. And if the driver decides to rent the kart for the race instead of buying it, the cost is £100 per day + VAT.

picture courtesy of Karting Magazine

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