Catt (SKF), Maisano (KF2), Kvyat (KF3): take top steps of the 14th Winter Cup held in Lonato on February 20-22.

The Winter Cup, usually the first important event of the karting season, was for the first time this year anticipated by the first round of the WSK championship. Despite this, it was once again “a fire initiation” for several drivers and teams. 

report E. Lana, photos A.Rask (

The number of entries seems not to have suffered from today’s crises, being more or less the same as the last edition (240), the paddock is bustling with people busy putting up tents and settling down to business; and just as important a pavilion is packed with spectators ready to cheer the lads on.
This round is characterised by the drivers’ performance being very close, often all within less than a second; however the closeness was repaid by winners being constant and determined and grabbing win after some brilliant competitive racing, leaving hardly any chances open for their rivals.
In fact, despite being exciting, all the races don’t have last minute wins, but wins that were built up gradually, lap after lap.
Although we see lots of place swapping, the coupe de theatre are due to place on start grid and some protagonist who take an early exit after getting involved in an accident or suffer unexpected mechanical failure.
Podium places for the three classes are as follows: 

1) Catt Gary
2) Kozlinski Arnaud
3) Ardigò Marco
4) Rowland Oliver
5) Forè Davide

1) Maisano Brandon
2) Goff Max
3) Viganò Matteo
4) Cooper Ben
5) D’Agosto Ignazio

1) Kvyat Danil
2) Marciello Raffaele
3) Barraberg Gerard
4) Walsh Macaulay James
5) Sainz Carlos


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