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In the 2013 season, Kart-Data TV will be broadcasting all the races of the German Kart Championship as live-streams on the internet again. Every weekend, five cameras will deliver up to 13 hours of live images and will inform the fans about every event on and off the tracks.

In the past year, the DKM live-stream was a huge success. From the second race of the season in Wackersdorf on, Kart-Data TV broadcasted the racing events of the highest German Kart Racing grade live onto the World Wide Web and was thereby able to elate numerous fans all around the globe.
Drivers, teams and fans won’t have to go without this great service in 2013 as well. Kart-Data TV and its experienced team will once again broadcast all the races via live-stream on the internet. Five state-of-the-art Full-HD-cameras will be capturing all racing events; another portable camera will be available for interviews; another one will be available with the track-commentator. The thrilling live images will be accompanied by numerous graphical flashes and information about the races. The slow motion repetitions will cause goose bumps once again.

DKM-coordinator Stefan Wagner is excited to be able to offer this special service. “The reactions throughout the previous year have been amazing. That’s why it’s been my utmost concern to offer this great service during this season again. Andreas Holzleitner’s team does a great job and will elate our fans in front of the screens at home again. A big thank you goes out to the DKM partners, who support this project 100%.”
The course of events will be similar to 2012. On Saturday, qualifying and all of the Heats will be broadcasted, on Sunday the final races of all teams and numerous accounts and interviews from the pre-start and the paddocks will follow. The team will be the same in 2013: René Köhler will provide the live commentary as the DKM-track-speaker during the races, Björn Niemann will conduct the interviews during pre-start and Andreas Holzleitner will be responsible for direction.

Everyone who cannot wait until the beginning of the season mid-April in Ampfing, can now look at the videos from 2012 again on

Press Release by: DMSB Junior Pool-Mach 1 - 20/03/13

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