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At its meeting on 8 March 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland, the FIA World Motor Sport Council took the following decisions based on proposals from the International Karting Commission Members:

Race weekend
Access to the paddock and track for events in the CIK-FIA European and World Championships will be allowed from the Wednesday prior to the race. This is to avoid drivers coming to the track the week before the event and fixes the track fee for free practice.

Championship deposit
In order to ensure a candidate’s participation in all events, and to cover the organisation’s costs in case of an invalid excuse, deposits have been maintained for CIK-FIA European Championship events (650 Euros) and CIK-FIA World Championship events (950 Euros).

Eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria for drivers in CIK-FIA Championships, Cups and Trophies has been simplified. Grade A, B or C-Senior licence-holders may compete in KF and KZ Championships, and Grade C-Junior licence-holders in the KF-Junior Championships, without any additional conditions pertaining to participation or experience.

Race format
In order to enhance competition in the CIK-FIA European and World Championships, a new format of Pre-Finals has been introduced. The top 68 classified drivers from the Qualifying Heats will go through to Pre-Finals 1 and 2, each comprising 34 drivers. The first 17 classified drivers from each Pre-Final will then be eligible for the Final. There will no longer be a Second Chance Heat.

CIK-FIA World KZ Championship
A Q2 Super Pole has been introduced into the CIK-FIA World KZ Championship in order to increase sportsmanship and competition by establishing the top 12 positions in the general classification. A trophy will also be awarded to the top classified driver in the Q2 Super Pole.

Tyre management
Drivers will be allowed free tyre choice during all free practice sessions up to qualifying. They will then be entitled to use a maximum of five front tyres and five rear tyres for Qualifying Practice, Qualifying Heats, Pre-Finals and Final.

Fuel storage
Storing fuel in the parc fermé has been banned in order to conform with fire service regulations and recommendations in various countries, and to simplify fuel management for drivers and organisers. Further controls will be put in place to ensure the conformity of the fuel used.

Adjustment of regulations
• Results of noise controls from free and/or non-qualifying practice will no longer be systematically published, following a modification of Article 11G (Sporting checks and scrutineering).
• The notion of free practice has been added to Articles 18 and 18A (Running of a CIK-FIA Championship event).
• Onboard cameras may now only be used in conjunction with the regulations of the Championships concerned, following a modification of Article 29 (Race control system with onboard cameras).

Adjustment of technical regulations
• The categories KF and KF-Junior have been linked with the existing KF2 and KF3 regulations in Article 1 (Classification and definitions).
• A confusing dimension has been deleted from Technical Drawing n°15bis.
• In order to limit the machining of brake discs to manufacturers only, further conditions have been added to Article 2.11 (Brakes). Only the manufacturer may modify the surface of the brake disc by grinding, drilling or grooving, and any modifications which change the dimensions of the original parts featuring on the Homologation Form are forbidden.

Homologation regulations
In Article 8.10.1 (Tyres – Identification and mandatory insertion of the CIK-FIA homologation label), a new definition of tyres has been created. The following markings will be used, depending on the category and the type of rubber and carcass: F-Prime, F-Option, Z-Prime, Z-Option or F/Z-Prime, F/Z-Option.

Article 18 of the International Sporting Code
The dispensation to Article 18 of the International Sporting Code, requested by the ASN of Belgium, has been refused. The dispensation requested by the ASN of Switzerland has been accepted following confirmation of the following criteria:
- To possess a single circuit allowing the practice of karting at a national level
- To allow agreement with only one neighbouring country.

2013 CIK-FIA Championships
• The 2013 CIK-FIA North American Championship has officially been cancelled due to the withdrawal of the Canadian ASN's application.

Press Release by: FIA Karting - 18/03/13

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