Rotax Pan-Am 2013: a not-to-miss general rehearsal!

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On Saturday evening, November 16th, the winners of the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals 2013 will be known. How many of the protagonists will have competed in the Rotax Pan-Am (as in Pan-American) a month earlier, to better prepare themselves for this world meeting? A very high number, without doubt! And the losers or the drivers not present will probably regret for not coming to maximise their chances to win at New Orleans... Furthermore, the Rotax Pan-Am will offer the last available tickets in the world to qualify!

For several years now, Rotax and the US have established a very fruitful relationship, which continues in perfect harmony. In fact, the attrac­tion for Rotax competitions has never been as strong as it is now, as shown by importer MAXS­peed’s ambitions in this field (MAXSpeed has recently been chosen by Rotax, for the second year in a row, as world importer of the year). For the Austrian constructor, organising a world final on the American continent is a great reco­gnition and the Nola Motorsports Park, the new ultramodern complex in New Orleans, has been an obvious choice for an edition which promises to be extraordinary.

All the drivers wishing to be invited to compete at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals will have to win the national selections first. But most of all, they will need to be at their best for this major word event. But this year, they will have a key additional asset at their disposal... Who indeed, would not dream of training, a month in advance, in similar conditions to those found in the Final?
In the USA, nothing is impossible! In fact, the Rotax Max Challenge Pan-Am will be held from 8 to 13 October, a month before the Grand Finals, on the same circuit of Nola Motorsports Park. In that period, the kart complex of New Orleans will open its brand new track homologated by the CIK-FIA, while usually this is not possible when leisure activities are involved. Therefore it will be a unique opportunity for all drivers, including the Ameri­can ones, to discover and learn how to master this track, since there will be no other possibility to drive there before the Grand Finals.

Many Americans (from north and south) are logically expected at the Rotax Pan-Am, but the best Rotax drivers in the world should not miss this great opportunity to win a prestigious title in America and effec­tively prepare, in a real racing situation and against a strong line-up, for the most important competition of the season, which is part, for the first time, of the international CIK-FIA calendar. Furthermore, the last four tickets to enter the Rotax Final 2013 will be distributed at the end of this competition in Junior Max, Senior Max, DD2, and DD2 Master!

The Rotax Pan-Am 2013 is considered the most important Rotax event in the world preceding the Grand Finals. Given that the first to come will be the first to be served, registrations will need to be made as soon as possible, while the Ame­rican importers representing the main chassis manufacturers will make sure to offer all drivers who so wish some «turnkey» packages for this event!

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Press Release by: MAXSPEED GROUP INC. - 06/03/13

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