Grease that (doesn’t) drip

How to lubricate a chain

It is very important to lubricate a final drive chain properly, and this is one of the few things that all karters agree on. Everybody knows (or should know) that every time you go off the track, after a driving session, it would be best to spray chain with appropriate grease.

This should be done, so that the chain is not left exposed to environmental agents, because being hot, it allows the grease to get in critical points too. Besides being able to get back onto the track with the right lubrication, experts from FiMo, a well-known producer of kart lubricants, told us a few things at the last show in Montichiari, that all of us may know.
Considering that, when the kart is working on the track, the centrifugal force makes grease “shoot” out of the chain, and already we can see that it is better to prevent this effect by spraying it on the internal part of the chain. Besides, this also allows you to lubricate the contact point between chain and crown/pinion. Differently, it is difficult that the area that suffers more stress is not even touched by the lubricant, and besides suffering a power drop, you have more wear, friction and heat. The pictures show the right way to hold the lubricating spray, which has been made specifically for kart chains.





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