UNIPRO artificial intelligence

The Danish factory presents Unilog, one of its new products made in 2009.

The new device, made in collaboration with DASU, ‘Danish Automobile Sport Union’, is a true concentration of technology, and the software inside it is an artificial intelligence that is capable of elaborating freely any data that is taken and can decide according to results.

by E.Lana

The Unilog has been especially made for solving once and for all, in an easy manner the so much discussed problem concerning the clutch that cropped up this past season, and in going over the RPM limit set for the various KF classes. Thanks to its size (8x6cm), the device mounted on a kart, can measure and memorise RPM and speed through its two sensors in real time, while the processor, thanks to a genial software, can analyse this data and underline any violation in maximum RPM and clutch skidding, giving commissioners the results at the end of the session.
Besides three coloured led, it gives results of analysis on relieved data: green light, all clear – no violation, red light violation found, yellow light says that there’s some anomaly or obsolete data. 
This instrument is as clever as it is simple: one button for the various functions with automatic on switch and watch inside that automatically synchronises with the instrument analyser.

Read the entire article in Vroom International February issue

For more information, visit www.uniprolaptimer.com



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