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Birel racing division has officially introduced drivers, programs and strategies for the upcoming competition season.

Following the great winter manoeuvres and remarkable market successes, Birel management has disclosed the official drivers' names and the racing strategies for 2013. As regards the first point, top drivers Paolo De Conto (last season’s deputy world champion) and Roberto Toninelli have been confirmed and will be joined by Arnoud Kozlinski - supervised on the track by Dutch team AVG - to ensure variety in shifter classes.
To highlight focus intensity on KZ classes, and progress along the “path” opened up last season, also Jan Midrla was upgraded to the official team for KZ2. After playing a lead role two years in a row with Joka team colours, the Czech Republic driver will race with them in the German Championship, back with   Arnould Kozlinski. Great efforts have been made in KF class too, as it will be the top category on the single-gear international scene on which the prospective car racing champions will fight for victory.  

Birel racing department will rely on three official drivers: George Russell, Gianni Vigorito and Sebastian Baily. Russel is extremely young, yet he has already seized the KF European title twice and is entitled to a place among the big names in the category. The protagonists will also feature Gianni Vigorito, who boasts 2 really positive seasons with Birel Motorsport, mainly raced in Italian   KF3 and KF2, and Belgian Sebatian Baily with his extensive International karting curriculum and loads of experience. This team, ready to tackle the most outstanding KF International competitions, will also include 2 greatly talented Junior drivers:  Gabriel Aubry from France and Venezuelan Mauricio Baiz.
The French driver has enhanced his skills under the wing of France importer MGT, while Baiz, a success from Easykart breeding ground, has been involved with Birel Motorsport for three seasons as regards 60 MINI and KF3 junior competitive programs.  In addition, the racing division program dedicated to preparatory classes in the National championships is still active and, thanks to it,   Davide Lombardo, Easykart Driver Program driver, has gained a place in the official team to participate in KF3 Italian Championship.

Also 60 MINI direct involvement will continue being a priority in junior classes, and the agreement with Lukas Podobski, now with Edoardo Rossi, has been renewed. Yet, 60 MINI, whose season will be in full swing with the Italian Championship opening in April, is still awaiting new elements.  Instead, technical staff wise, the leader will once again be Mariano De Faveri, with the assistance of sports manager Roberto Voltan and Alessandro Villa’s advice on national programs, while collaboration with TM as motoring partner has already been made official.

Ronni Sala summarizes the racing division strategies: "Our programs bound to racing will continue as planned over the last years, focusing on three primary technical and sports areas: KZ classes, KF classes and the junior sector.  We have been specifically working on each of these fronts both technical and driver wise, and we believe we have set up a high potential structure in each category. We will tackle   CIK-FIA and WSK championships, without forgetting the junior classes with specific programs. Our racing department has always been an important and leading resource for product research and development and has provided great support in promoting our brands on the international scene.”

Birel Motorsport: Technical staff and drivers

Technical Manager: Mariano De Faveri
Sports Manager: Roberto Voltan
Drivers relations and public relations: Alberto Tonti
Technical Coordinator for National Programs: Alessandro Villa

KZ1 drivers: Paolo De Conto (I), Roberto Toninelli (I), Arnould Kozlinski (F)
KF drivers: George Russell (UK), Gianni Vigorito (I), Sebastian Baily (B)
KF Junior drivers: Gabriel Aubry (F), Maurizio Baiz (VE), Davide Lombardo (I)
KZ2 drivers: Jan MIdrla (CZ)
60 MINI drivers: Lukas Podobski (CZ), Edoardo Rossi (I)


WINTER CUP 17/02/2013 – Lonato (ITA)
TROFEO MARGUTTI 10/03/2013 – Lonato (ITA)
(Restricted program managed by the team test)
03/02/2013 – La Conca (ITA)
07/04/2013 – Sarno (ITA)
05/05/2013 – Lignano (ITA)
14/07/2013 – Castelletto (ITA)
03/03/2013 – La Conca (ITA)
24/03/2013 – Zuera (ESP)
21/04/2013 – Sarno (ITA)
02/06/2013 – Genk (BEL)
01/09/2013 – PF Int’l, Brandon (GBR)
16/11/2013 – Bahrain (BHR)
22/09/2013 – Varennes (FRA)
06/10/2013 – Sarno (ITA)
16/11/2013 – Bahrain (BHR)
19/05/2013 – Wackersdorf (DEU)
30/06/2013 – Genk (BEL)
16/06/2013 – Alcañiz (ESP)
21/07/2013 – Ortona (ITA)
03/11/2013 – Castelletto (ITA)
(Program reserved to 60 MINI and KF Junior junior class drivers)
28/04/2013 - Sarno
30/06/2013 - Val Vibrata
28/07/2013 - Siena
15/09/2013 - Lonato
27/10/2013 - Castelletto


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