Offenbach, the karting show

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The 21st edition of the IKA-KART2000 took place just outside Frankfurt on 19-20th January. With more than 150 exhibitors, the show featured many novelties to the many fans and operators.

Crg and Sodi were present with two of the coolest and most complete exhibition areas, while Rotax and Aspa – the latter presenting the brand new Modena KK1 for KZ - were the main attraction in the engine sector. Other top brands present in Offenbach included German chassis manufacturers Mach1, Xeramic Oil and Lubricants, Maranello Kart and many more. Also, numerous innovations and curious technical solutions could be found in the accessories section.
Most of the other manufacturers were represented by the respective German distributors and dealers, and the exhibition halls were packed with visitors and operators coming from across Europe. In fact, the IKA-KART2000 organized by Botho and Alice Wagner has become widely recognized as the most successful karting exhibition show.

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