One Lap 2200 Meters!

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21st IKA-KART2000, 19th and 20th January 2013 - Offenbach Main near Frankfurt-Main Airport

Nearly 2200 meters long is the journey row of the stands! For this lap, you need on a racetrack not even a minute. At the 21st IKA-KART2000 however, you need to go around several hours! Because at every booth you will find many technical news and information for the best start of your new season. Whether recovery can be found at your pit stop in the large restaurant at level C3, or bistros at halls A3 and A4. Fascination Karting, which is the 21st IKA-KART2000, the world biggest kart expo on 19th and 20th January in Offenbach am Main, near Frankfurt-Main Airport.

All about the 21st IKA-KART2000 on the official website


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