International Open Masters dates change

The 2008 calendar of the International Open Masters has been changed once again. A reorganization that has forced the Italian federation to change also the sequence of the venues.
According to the federation, the complete reorganization of the calendar was deemed necessary as a result of the clash of the third round (initially scheduled in Val Vibrata on 18th May) with the Suzuka World Cup, only one week later. As it is, the calendar presents the first three rounds scheduled within one month, which might lead the federation to plan a further review.

The latest version of the calendar is as follows:

30th March      Round 1, Lonato
13th April        Round 2, Jesolo
27th April        Round 3, Ugento
8th June          Round 4, Val Vibrata
27th August     Round 5, Busca


Stay tuned!
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