The "Copa de Campeones" closes the season in Spain

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The twelfth "Copa de Campeones", held on the El Vendrell circuit was a big success with 130 drivers and a strong presence of people coming from other European countries. The audience watched very "combated" races in a warm climate conditon,compared to the rest of Europe.

The competition that takes place always in this period of the year, thanks to the favorable climate, offers the possibility to test the materials in anticipation of the upcoming season.
Rotax Max and KZ2 categories have been added to those traditionally present (Baby, Mini and KF3)
Following the podium in each category:
Alevín (Baby): 1.Rubén Moya 2.Daniel Macia 3.Alejandro Lahoz
Cadetti (Mini): 1.Eliseo Martinez 2.Xavier LLoveras 3.Adrián Muñoz
Rotax Max: 1.Aleix Navarro 2.Albert Gil 3.Celine Holderbaum
KF3: 1.Alessio Lorandi 2.Julien Darras 3.Norris Lando
KZ2: 1.Michele Di Martino  2.Alex Palou 3. Carlos Gil

In the cover the start of KF3.

Text and pictures: José Francisco Omedas Rivas

Baby podium

Mini podium

Rotax Max podium

KF3 podium

KZ2 podium


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