Racer EVK and Krypton KSK

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These are the names featuring the top-range Tony-Kart 2013 chassis. The first thing standing up in the two models is the aggressive graphic design, led by the Tony Kart “green” colour. A trademark that immediately makes the EVK and KSK two unmistakable chassis. Behind their wearing are some important technical news, including the braking system, the pedals, the fuel tank, the floor plate and many other parts.

Both chassis are equipped with ever-new components, conceived and developed thanks to the great know-how of the Tony Kart technical staff. Amongst the parts focusing the attention are first of all the forged aluminium “OTK adjustable pedals”. Thanks to a 5-holes-mechanism it is now possible to adjust the pedal according to any foot size of the driver; a wide and complete range of sizes is available.

The new pedal, like all OTK Kart Parts, is perfectly recognizable for its refined manufacturing process and for the new rounded shapes in the areas all around the foot, this way driving is even more comfortable. Further technical newness both in the EVK and KSK chassis are the floor plate design and the fuel tank shape. In particular, the last has been improved in order to optimize the weight balance; moreover the new vertical tank filler makes any fuelling operations easier.
Less flashy but not less important is the work done for KF categories’ braking systems, which have been renamed in OTK SA2 (replacing OTK BS6 model) and OTK SA3 (replacing OTK BS7 model).

Both braking systems are different from the previous ones for the new one-piece brake pump which replaces the old three-piece-pump, but keeping the same inner characteristics.
The quality of Tony Kart chassis has also been optimized in order to allow rapid and easy working operations; by the introduction of the new tank fixing plate and of special rings (strategically distributed on the chassis) the wiring of pipes is now easier and more comfortable.

Press Release by: Tony Kart - 30/11/12

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