Maranello RS-8

Out of all the new chassis presented for the 2009 homologation, the Maranello looked a bit different and detailed. However, the project is not so futuristic as one may think at first sight, even though it could become futuristic, in fact, it goes back in time, from an idea that some karting fans from Modena had.

Maranello that shares some business interests with Modena has reassessed set up and changed some details. The main idea is that torsion can be adjusted with linear progression; that is, the chassis can be adapted to all types of tyres and any asphalt grip. The first thing you notice is that there are no curves. And front axis is a good 12 cm wider than the usual. Another thing is the central position of the rear brake calliper that offers many advantages. One being cooling. Using the air that passes under the seat, problems concerning overheating are avoided, problems that crop up, which other chassis having the brake situated behind the radiator. Another advantage is that braking is more linear even when wheels block, as it doesn’t tend to disconnect chassis towards the side where the brake is. The body is based on 30 Ø tubes and the shape of the rear carriage makes the axle even more responsible, decisive for choosing the right set up. This set up, which obviously is controlled differently from traditional methods used by other chassis. In fact, on the RS8, you can adjust forecarriage torsion and stiffness by working on terminal board distance. This allows for more adjustments respect to other chassis, where, for example, you can only mount or remove a bar. Also the solution used in spindles allows for a number of adjustments compared to cams on camber and caster, it is possible to adjust them individually, without say varying toe-in. From the start, it seems that these changes make these chassis a match for their cousins that have been biting the dust on tracks for some years now. And, according to the team, the RS8 offers even greater margins for improvements. Therefore, here at Vroom too, we can’t wait to see for ourselves, however, the first views are quite positive.


Created by: admin - 11/12/08

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