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Yet again the US of A leave a mark. The 16th SKUSA Supernationals held on the temporary circuit (with a new layout) opposite the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas hit the 500 entries mark, with a pre-registration list of almost a 1,000 drivers. Event organizer and promoter Tom Kutscher took the bold decision to limit entry numbers and categories (9 for the occasion instead of 11 as in 2011) in order to ensure a smoother running of the event.
Truly impressive numbers, and philosophy too, with the motorbike-derived engines (Honda) having the upper hand.
The paddock looks as impressive, with Las Vegas in the background offering an outstanding scenery, and the many fans creating a really hot atmosphere. A lot of everything, in typical American fashion, stuff unknown to the European motorsport scene.
What also makes the USA stand out is the unrelenting policy of customers (in this case drivers) always come first, and the entire Supernationals is catered to drivers needs. Need for speed, need for fun.
Europeans should really learn the lesson and try to implement a similar format in the old continent, but the core differences in life style make it more than ever a daunting task.


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