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The success of an event can be evaluated considering how much it is followed both by the staff (Vortex and drivers) and the operators (team managers, manufacturers and followers). Consequently, on this basis the Rok Talent Award can be fully considered a prestigious event and at its second edition, RTA is thus a valid training.

In the two finals run until today 21 drivers were involved (12 finishers on last year and 9 finishers this year) and many of them which qualified for the Rok Talent Award’s Final selection have later received favourable offers coming from official teams, giving them the opportunity to compete in international competitions also thanks to the visibility the Rok Talent gave them. This is a real sign of the quality of all the work made by the Rok staff and by the jury panel that had to designate the Rok Talents.

This is the story happened to one of the two Rok Talent 2012 winners for KF2 category, Michael Grzyb. After his Rok Talent success and thanks to the highlight he obtained by winning the prize, he received, and accepted, the proposal of another manufacturer. In the light of Grzyb’s renounce, the Vortex prize for the new winner of the Rok Talent Award 2012 will go to Nirei Fukuzumi.

Consequently, the two drivers competing for the European and the World Championships for KF3 and KF2 categories by wearing Vortex official colours will be Federico Squaranti and Nirei Fukuzumi.

A further confirmation of the good Vortex training is the proposal many drivers coming from the Rok Cup and registered to the Rok Talent such as Cristopher Zani, Leonardo Pulcini, Francesco Iacovacci and the new World Cup champion for KF3, Luca Corberi received by the Ferrari Driver Academy for performing a stage to the Maranello factory.

Right Corberi and Zani were recently selected to take part to the Italina ACI-CSAI stage reserved to the drivers that during the season showed their value.

By just these examples it is clear that the Vortex job in the Rok Cup, with and for the Rok Talent is very well followed.

Press Release by: Rok Cup - 09/11/12

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