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Michal Grzyb (KF2) and Federico Squaranti (KF3) are the Rok Talent Award’s winners of the

Year! The jury panel, made up of managers, drivers, press agents, managed by the vice

world champion Johnny Mislijevic and supervised by Vortex manager Mr. Giovanni Corona,

named the two Rok Talent Awards’ winners who will compete as official Vortex drivers in

the European and World Championship for KF2 and KF3 categories.


Grzyb and Squaranti won a unique prize, which all Rokkers in the world wish, they will

wear Vortex official colours for the next European and World Championships for KF2 and

KF3 categories, respectively. Rok Talents, in order to replace last year’s champions,

Kiyohara and Gaglianò, began their path by competing in their national championship and

updating (as provided by the RTA regulations) their personal Rok Talent dedicated webpage

with race results. After their admittance to the international final, Grzyb and

Squaranti, performed a fantastic competition, running in the leading positions. During

the final selection, held on last Sunday, 14th of October, the two future Rok Talent

drivers fought against seven finalists, very well prepared, determined and fast. The task

of the jury panel, represented by Giacomo Aliprandi (Team Manager of Tony Kart-Vortex),

Olivier Marechal (Team Manager of Kosmic Kart Racing Department-Vortex), Marco Ardigò

(driver), Armand Convers (driver), Alessandro Piccini (driver), Mary Ann Horley (press

agent), Rob Howden (press agent) and Yanek Sterzel (press agent), was pretty demanding

and accurate for the high level of drivers admitted to the final selection. In order to

win the Rok Talent Award 2012 the Polish driver Michal Grzyb literally led the la Rok Cup

Poland, winning six out of six competitions of his national championship and always

starting by a pole position. Grzyb confirmed to be fast on the occasion of the Rok

International Final, too, signing the pole and fighting for the final success in the Rok

category. The Italian driver Federico Squaranti ran the whole season in the Junior Rok

category, with a growth that took him to the sixth place in the Rok Cup North first and

to the leading positions in the Rok International Final then.

Giovanni Corona – Vortex Manager

“I noticed very good performances of all drivers admitted to the final phase,

appreciation we are receiving are the clear confirmation that the project is now become

popular and well known. What we wish through the Rok Talent Award is that drivers may

have a chance to grow their sporting career and to improve their driving skills by taking

an official seat. We are aware that the first international season is for everyone very

difficult, so we do not expect Grzyb and Squaranti do impossible things. We wish they

could improve and learn how to work with an official team and how to behave in pretty

demanding and prestigious CIK competitions, such as the World and European championships.

Other than this, they will have to the time to show off their abilities and obtain good


Johnny Mislijevic – Rok Talent Award jury panel’s President

“It was not so easy to find out the names of the two Rok Talent’s winners. Drivers

admitted to the final selection ran during the whole past season and are the best drivers


of the Rok Cup. They already own a pretty good technical preparation. All drivers had

similar qualities which were really alike in some of them. We wish this selection might

be a further experience for their future and a growing path. I was glad to see some

drivers I had seen on last year, too. I noticed an important improvement meaning that one

year in the Rok category makes them grow and ameliorate under many aspects.”

Press Release by: Rok Cup - 26/10/12

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