Bezuidenhout, Pulcini, Parkins, Zani. Champions of the Rok Cup International 10 Years of Activity.

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The spectacular final of the Rok Cup International Final 2012 ended with hardhearted
emotions. At the South Garda (Italy) the most important Rok Cup 2012
titles are shared by South Africa and Italy.

Nathan Parkins wins the hardest competition of all finals, the Rok’s. The South African drivers
overtakes with a final sprint the Italian Riccardo Geltrude in the final centimeters of the
track. In the Mini Rok category leading the heat Clinton Bezuidenhout in the
youngest Rokker category. Leonardo Pulcini is the Junior Rok champion, after having
pushed the kart hardly to win over Cosimo Durante and Giuseppe Gaglianò. Super Rok
category is also full of excitement. Christopher Zani leads a train made up of
Nirei Fukuzumi and Luca Osvaldi. Under the chequered flag the first is Riccardo
Cinti, but the penalty for his early starting stops his race. Finals’ awards took
place in the huge Rok tent at the inside of the paddock, in a party atmosphere,
very good for the Rok ten years of activity!

Clinton Bezuidenhout’s success comes with the seventh place in the qualifying
heats, conquering the first row and winning all three heats. During the final is
Bezuidenhout jumping to the top position with a good gap over other chasers, first
of all Liam Pienaar and Giovanni Di Giannantonio, and thus perfectly succeeding.
In the first heats Alex Nocella, author of a very good recovery after a not very
brilliant qualifying and Ricardo Feller, signing the best lap in final, withdraw.
Pienaar and Di Giannantonio fight on equal terms and finally is Pienaar winning
over the Italian driver.
Besides the rejoicing success of Bezuidenhout is a special success awarded for the
great generosity and altruism of the driver. We talk about the young Rokker Lucas
Legeret who while racing sees his rival Matvey Maslov under his kart after an
incident and immediately stops for helping him. Maslov luckily got off with no
injuries and Lucas Legeret deserved from his side the success on the podium during
the Rok Party Saturday night.

Leonardo Pulcini sings the pole ahead of the other Italian driver Cosimo Durante
and the Polish Karol Lubas. Four place goes to the South African driver Bradley
First heats shuffle the cards, actually the wet track makes shining the Portuguese
Eduardo Jesus, winner of a heat with rain tires. On the dry asphalt two times
winners are Pulcini, Lubas and Durante, one heat each is won by Giuseppe Gaglianò,
Federico Squaranti, Bradley Liebenberg and the already mentioned Jesus. The final
is all for Pucini. The young Italian driver is very fast and wise when soon takes
advantage of the hard fight behind his shoulders. In particular the fight in the
first heats is among Lubas and Squaranti. In the ninth heat Polish driver tries to
overtake the leader Pulcini but his car is sideways and Squaranti crashes, both
drivers lose important meters and have to say goodbye to the title. Free from Lubas
and Squaranti’s strain, Pulcini runs fast away round after round and keeps well
away drivers at his shoulder. Durante, Gaglianò and the Australian Andrew Kahl
tries a desperate recovery but the title is now of Leonardo Pulcini who after the
Rok Cup Italy takes home also the most prestigious Rok Cup title. Final podium is
this way all-Italian, with Durante and Gaglianò next to the new International

In the Super Rok category, too, emotions don’t miss. In the heats winners are
Cinti, Zanchi, Fukuzumi and Basiliotti. But also many other Rokkers seems ready to
fight for the title, among them are Vantini, Costantini, Caponi, Zani, Osvaldi and
Matteo Zanchi is the final’s leader of the first part of the race. The driver from
Bergamo misleads the experienced driver Riccardo Cinti who starts in second place,
together with him in first row. Zanchi jumps at the starting grid leaving all other
drivers behind but Marshalls impose the Rok Cup Italy’s winner a penalty.
Zanchi seems unstoppable during the first rounds, runs fast and lets drivers at his
shoulders fight.
Cinti and Cristopher Zani get out of the way from hard rivals such as Alessandro
Vantini, Luca Osvaldi and the Swiss lady Jasmine Preisig.
At the fifth round the race gets hot, Zanchi has some problems and slows down,
Cinti, Zani, Osvaldi and the Japanese Nirei Fukuzumi jump to the top positions and
lead the race until the end. Actually final rounds are decisive. Cinti jumps to the
success, but it’s unfortunately not confirmed since he gets a penalty of 10 tenths
for his unfair start.
Success is then for Zani, Fukuzumi and Osvaldi. This last driver tries to overtake
Fukuzumi in the last bends and succeeds over the experienced Japanese driver. This
way Zani has some centimeters of gap and wins the Rok Cup International title.
Cristopher Zani is so the Super category’s champion for the second year
consecutively. Only Alessandro Vantini in the Super class and Steven Brotto in the
Mini Rok were able to do this.

With the Polish driver Michal Grzyb winning the pole for just 032 hundredth over
Riccardo Geltrude the situation soon seems hard.
Short ranking and small gaps are in the heats too, with three drivers running
pretty faster than the others. They are Grzyb, Geltrude and the South African
Nathan Parkins, all of them winners of two heats each. The start sees Grzyb in
mistake from the first row. Polish driver starts ahead of time and rivals soon gets
him who goes to the ninth place after the first round. First rounds see Geltrude,
Moriondo and Parkins leading the race ahead of another group of three drivers made
up of the Lady Arianna Armati, the Venezuelan Sidney Gomez and again after a
recovery Grzyb.
At the twelfth round Parkins overtakes without hesitation Geltrude, and seems to
run far away but Geltrude reacts accelerating and taking again the lead of the
Finally the race is done. Geltrude probably too much excited loses the small gap
over Parkins and Grzyb, now third.
Parkins overtakes the Italian driver but Geltrude jumps ahead and the three drivers
face together the last bend. Geltrude tries to stay in the middle but Parkins runs
over a perfect trajectory and jumps winning the title for just 12o hundredths!
Finally Geltrude is second and Armati third place, for the 3” of penalty suffered
from Grzyb for his irregular start.

Press Release by: Rok Cup - 17/10/12

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