2013 CIK World Championships? Here's the list

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The latest FIA World Motorsport Council recently approved the three World Championships for 2013, on a single event on three different circuits.
by Vroom / photo CircuitoInternazionaleNapoli

As anticipated, the CIK has dropped the World Cup status, giving World Championship status to KZ1 - renamed KZ World Championship - to KF3 renamed K-Junior, and renaming KF1 simply KF.
The KZ World Championship should be held in Varennes (F) in mid September, Sarno (I) should host the K-Junior World Championship at the end September, while the KF World Championship should take place in the UK at PF International in early September.
The European KF and K-Junior Championships should take place in Ortona (I) on the last weekend of July, while the European KZ and KZ2 Championships should be held on the Spanish track of Alcaniz in May.


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