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Word Cup for KF2

As shown quite clearly in the early stages of the weekend in Zuera, Crg places three of its squad on the podium after dominating the event. Italian driver Felice Tiene, Dutch star Max Verstappen and Brit Jordon Lennox-Lamb proved unbeatable on the Spanish track. Thrilling battle with Joyner in the last lap for the last step of the podium.
Report Vroom / Photo CIK/KSP

KF2 final predictably starts with the Crg duo Tiene-Lennox fighting it out for the lead, as Verstappen takes the outside line but lacks the necessary push from behind to stay with the top, and drops to 5th. Never mind, because the Dutch talent is on fire, he disposes of Olsen first and Joyner shortly after hitting hard on gas to make up the gap from the leading duo. Lennox manages to stay with Tiene for few laps, but then he has to fend off the attacks from Verstappen, who slips through to 2nd strongly with 11 laps to go. Position freeze for the rest of the final, with Joyner, Barnicoat, Leclerc and Snell over 3” behind the leading group. Verstappen seems to have the pace to catch Tiene, but the Italian is a tough customer and laps constantly below the 1:00.9 mark. With no margin left, Verstappen has to settle for 2nd, as Lennox-Lamb is called to a super defence on Joyner, who tries to steal 3rd with three turns from the chequered flag. Lennox keeps the outside line, shadows the LH driver and at the last corner sneaks in the inside edging Joyner on the curb, unable to take advantage of the slipstream. Goosebumps and crowed on its feet!

Not much action in the prefinal, with Tiene grabbing the lead over Verstappen and Lennox, the two unable to bridge the gap from the lead. The Crg trio has a superb pace, while Speedy, Olsen, Hiltbrand, Viganò, Tiihonen and Barnicoat fight for a decent position on final starting grid.


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