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Karting Genk recently issued a press release where it announces the support of the latest CIK regulations regarding noise limits. Karting Genk, organizer of the BNL Series and Belgian Rotax Challenge run on circuits in Germany and the Netherlands, has involved those very same tracks in this praiseworthy initiative.

"Dear Driver, Dear Team responsible,

You might already know, that the CIK implemented a new rule regarding engine/exhaust sound volume. Being an international racing track, we can only encourage these noise limits, since it is in our (and your) interest, that racing tracks stay open in the future. So we thank the CIK and FIA for acting on this matter. Limiting the noise limits has a positive effect on the track’s environmental impact. The effect of less noise and less pollution will help us in further negotiations with our governing bodies.
So we ask you, drivers and teams, to work with us so we can ensure our kartings future ; this means that, from this day on, we will be very strict on the noise your produce on our track. The KF2 and KF3 already made a big step forward, but the KZ engines are still struggling.

Since this particular problem does not only affect the tracks in Belgium, there has been concertation with other international racing tracks, and together we decided that we will implement this new CIK rule from this moment on.
In order to find the most simple and effective method of noise measurement, a study has been carried out to find the corresponding noise limit at 7.5 m from the ideal line (in regard to the 108 dB(A) fixed by the CIK ). This has been fixed at 93 dB(A) in Lamax‐mode (maximum peak level).
In an effort to make life easier for all drivers this will imply that not only during race events, but also during our daily track activiity only 2 silencers can be used :
• Type 1 : ELTO 118 aluminium – curved end
• Type : Elto 108 carbon – curved end

Some of these track are: Berghem NL, Landsard NL, Osticourt FR, Kerpen D, Francorchamps B, etc… This way it will also be clear for all drivers that the same rules apply on these different tracks so there is no confusion possible, which in the end will make life easier for all of us.

We thank you for your cooperation and hope to see you soon.

Karting Genk
Karting Ostricourt
Erftlandring Kerpen
Karting Francorchamps
Circuit Park Berghem
Kombikart Circuit De Landsard

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