Lammers (KZ1) and Lennox Lamb (KZ2) new owners of 012 World Cups. Just in Sarno

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Sarno’s track, Italy, Circuito Internazionale Napoli, has been the stage of CIK FIA World Cups, KZ classes for Karting season 012.  Two World Titles in a single event on the track under the volcano Vesuvius with Dutch driver Bas Lammers (Praga/Parilla/Bridgestone) first and Champion in KZ1 and English J. Lennox-Lamb (Crg/Vortex/Vega) in KZ2.

Hectic weekend on the relevant Sarno’s stage for CIK FIA World Cups KZ classes, season 012. Three days with truck surface burned by 136 drivers partecipants for the most important Karting event.
38 helmet in KZ1 and 98 in KZ2. Dramatic turn of events for both classes with unfulfilled predictions, so enthusiastic crowd for the show. Special guest of the event for the others, former Formula 1 and Italian driver Tonio Liuzzi, actually involved on Superstars Euro Series with Mercedes C63 AMG by Caal Racing, Official Team Mercedes AMG for Italy.
In KZ1, former Champion J. Thonon, sign a non positive and unlucky performance with the new podium composed with on top and 2012 new World Champion Dutch B. Lammers (Praga/Parilla/B’stone) plus Italian P. De Conto (Birel/BmB/B’stone) and British B. Hanley (ArtGp/Tm/Bridgestone). Same things, with prediction failed on KZ2. The new World Champion is British J. Lennox Lamb (Crg/Maxter/Vega) and the rest of the podium composed by Danilo Rossi’s guys
with Norwegian E. Antonsen (Dr/Tm/Vega) and German R. Negro (id)

KZ1 Final: 1) B. Lammers (Praga/Parilla/B’stone) 18 laps; 2) P. De Conto (Birel/BmB/B’stone) at 0.312; 3) B. Hanley
(ArtGp/Tm/Bridgestone) at 0.525; 4) A. Kozlinski (Pcr/Tm/B’stone) at 3.228; 5) A. Convers (Kosmic/Vortex/B’stone) at
3.711; 6) P. Hajeck (Praga/Parilla/B’stone) at 4.297
Best lap: P. De Conto (Birel/BmB/B’stone) - 58.384 av. 103.65 Km/h

KZ2 Final: 1) J. Lennox Lamb (Crg/Maxter/Vega) 18 laps; 2) E. Antonsen (Dr/Tm/Vega) at 2.378; 3) R. Negro (id) a 2.618; 4) J.
Midrla (Birel/Tm/Vega) at 3.121; 5) P. Orcic (Zanardi/Tm/Vega) at 3.348; 6) A. Fasberg (Tony/Vortex/Vega) at 3.703.
Best lap: F. Tiene (Crg/Maxter/Vega) - 58.884 av. 102.77 Km/h

Press Release by: Circuito Internazionale Napoli (Sarno) - 03/09/12

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