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At Brandon (England) CRG played again a major role at the final round of the European KF2 & KF3 Championships. On a circuit considered very difficult, the Italian driver Felice Tiene finished in beauty and drove his CRG-BMB to success in the very last KF2 race, while the Spaniard Alex Palou became European KF3 Vice Champion. Forthcoming World Cups will definitely begin under the best auspices for CRG...

KF2: CRG On the Top Step of the Podium
In Germany, in June, constantly changing weather conditions had not helped Felice Tiene, who had left Wackesdorf in great frustration. But the Italian driver and the CRG team do not really like to linger on failure. They all went back to work and the driver launched his attack to the podium! After great effort, Tiene climbed up from 14th to 4th place in Race 1 behind the wheel of his CRG-BMB/KVS, and also set the second fastest lap time in the race.
In Race 2, an exciting series of passes took him up to the first place, which he conquered with two laps to go. It was definitely a very good performance, which allowed him to move up at once to 4th in the final European Championship classification. Ingrid Girard completed the group of CRG drivers in England.

KF3: Best Absolute Time during the Weekend
Always very close to first place in the last few races (CIK, WSK Euro Series), Alex Palou kept his good habit in England. But the Spaniard lost some precious points in one of the heats and had to fight hard to catch up. Thanks to his high-performance kart, he first climbed up from 12th to 6th in Race 1 and set the fastest lap time with 55"820, which was the absolute record of the weekend! A scrimmage at the start of Race 2 stopped him from improving his score, but Palou saved his final second place in the European Championship.

LH: A Team on the Rise
Performances by LH Racing Team are worth mentioning, especially those shown by Tom Joyner in KF2 qualifying heats. Unfortunately at the start of Race 1 he dropped down several places and also lost the chance to fight for the podium. Luke Varley, whose goal was to score his first championship points before he lost ground owing to a collision in Race 1, also staged a great race. In KF3, the Finn Ilari Piispanen concluded Final B with a second place after starting from 7th.


Press Release by: CRG Racing Team - 25/07/12

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