Praga Kart at the CIK-FIA KF2 European Championship

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The final round of the 2012 CIK-FIA European Championship in KF2 and KF3 was raced at the PF International Circuit in Brandon (England): Praga Kart was present in KF2 with Karik Dabski.

The Pole Karol Dabski, at his debut in international races, has a weekend under the mark of steadiness and grows race after race: 28th after the qualifyings (7th best time in his session), he races decent heats (in two he closes in the top 10) and qualifies for the finals (26th). Here he closes 16th both times. The racing trend shown is proof of the good shape of both driver and kart in a very competitive KF2 class, with growing results that raise great hopes for future competitions.


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