Heat and showers in Sarno

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The test day session for the KZ World Cup on the Circuito Internazionale di Napoli is still on. Energy drivers Juodvirsis and Di Martino – who joined in the collective test only today – were the two fastest of the lot on the day. Also in the limelight the Praga Team drivers, and Sauro Cesetti stopping very fast laptimes.

The morning session saw some showers in Sarno, as Arnaud Kozlinski (Pcr/Tm) stopped the fastest time with a low 58” lap. A very fast laptime, which will be quite likely a benchmark also in the World Cup, when fastest lap might also drop below the 58” mark in ideal racing condition.
The new track layout - realized specifically for the World Cup event - has not been a complete winner among drivers, who seem to complain mainly about the lack of overtaking points, the only one realistically being the very long straight offering slipstreaming opportunities.
We can only wait and see.


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