KZ World Cup test days in Sarno

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The KZ World Cup test days are currently under way in Sarno. The four days test session – which will be followed by a second four days test session from 21st to 25th August – represent the perfect opportunity for teams to try the new racetrack configuration – measuring 1681 metres, and with a straightened three successive hairpins section – as well as the new silencers not exceeding the 108 db noise limit requested by the latest CIK-FIA regulations.

The excruciating heat – with temperatures well above the 40°C mark – did not prevent drivers from giving everything they had, with laptimes constantly dropping during the daily session and Hajek, Toninelli and Koko nearing the 59” mark.
Laptimes should drop even more during today’s session, also thanks to improving track conditions. Come September – the World Cup is set to take place on 1-2/09 - some believe that the best laptimes might be go down to the 58” mark, and the show is guaranteed.


Circuito Internazionale di Napoli - KZ World Cup configuration (outlined in red)


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