Will KF be made more accessible?

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At the third meeting held yesterday (26th June) in Milan that saw karting manufacturers and CIK-FIA representatives decide on the future steps aimed at reviving the sport, the possibility of postponing engines homologation planned this year to the end of 2013 seemed well accepted by the working group sponsored by FIA President Jean Todt and coordinated by ACI/CSAI President Sticchi Damiani.

by Vroom

At last, everyone including manufacturers seems to have understood that the current formula of KF has no future. The necessary changes that will make KF engines more accessible must be made with rationality and vision. The issues under review are well-known, they are the underlying reasons that tell why KF never conquered the market, and which ultimately led to unaffordable, soaring increase in costs.
And yet, even if costs were not to decrease as we all expect after the necessary review of the KF concept, simplifying its management and use would probably be a good result all told.

For instance, should the homologation of some accessories - too often updated and changed - be extended (to 9 years maybe)?
Should we review the use of power valve, clutch, wiring, ignition – the very parts that, if designed to be used by the masses, would determine the revival of karting?

In any case, it is just an attempt, because it will not be easy to re-establish an engine after the mayhem it caused in the international karting scene in less than a decade. A very difficult situation indeed, also for scrutineers, stewards and race directors, left with compromised, discredited roles.
It might not be sufficient to review the KF concept alone, which bears the main responsibilities for the huge decrease in drivers of the last few years. National ASNs must also play an active role in guaranteeing the presence of professional bodies that make sure rules are respected. At the same time, ASNs must find solutions to simplify the organization of race meetings, which have always been at the forefront in the promotion of karting.
And we must always bear in mind that kart drivers are free spirits, who cannot be forced to race with equipment that doesn’t gratify their need for speed. The consequences of it are now too obvious to all of us.

In few words, there is a lot to do if karting is to go back to the success of its glorious times... all is needed is a coherent project, common sense, and most of all prompt action.

Created by: www.vroomkart.it - 27/06/12

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