2013 World Champs for KF2, KF3 and KZ1 on a single round

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This is the proposal on the table of the FIA World Council, which will meet in the following months to discuss and approve the novelties put forward by the CIK.

by Vroom / photo CIK

According to CIK Vice President Kees van de Grint, the proposal is aimed at simplifying titles structure for those who are not yet involved in karting. And by the looks of it, the likely new structure will indeed succeed. A single round World Championship for KF2 - which should be renamed KF - , and World Championship status for KZ1 and KF3 - likely to be renamed KF Junior.
Also, the CIK proposed each World Championship to be held in one of the circuits that were left out from this year's World Championship - Sarno, Varennes, PF International, but it is yet to be defined which class will race where.


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