World Champs at Suzuka, Camponeschi doubles up in Race 2

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The Italian shows his skill also in Final 2 of the four on schedule. The next two will be held tomorrow. Foré is 26th after betting caught up in the group of karts after the lights together with Kozlinski, De Brabander, soon out, and then it is Basz turn, race 1 protagonist, ends up at the rear due to a crash during lap 3.

In the meanwhile Tiene reaches Camponeschi who overtakes Sasaki in the lead, on lap three. Also Joyner (LH/Bmb) loses contact with the leaders and can do no better than 25th. Half way through the race, Tiene who loses contact with Camponeschi, well in the lead, has to watch out for Sasaki’s determination, fastest in Race 1, until he gets overtaken on lap 14. The race programmed over 20 laps doesn’t reward spectators any more excitement as Camponeschi cuts through to win nearly 3" seconds ahead of an awesome Sasaki and Tiene comes up to complete podium. 

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