Huge success for the Wackersdorf Event!

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The paddock of the Wackersdorf circuit will be impressive from 6 to 10 June. Scene of the single-round European KZ1 and KZ2 Championships, but also first of the two Events of the European KF2 Championship, the German circuit will host more than 250 Competitors.

There will therefore be a great atmosphere both in the paddock and over the 1,222 metres of the Pro Kart Raceland track. The administrative control and scrutineering will consequently begin on the Wednesday (instead of Thursday) in order to allow the inclusion of some 45 Qualifying Heats in the time schedule!

In the KZ1 category, Drivers have had to choose their tyre supplier before the Event. Bridgestone will propose the YLA (slick) and YLP (rain) compounds, Dunlop the DEM (slick) and W12 (rain) and Vega the XM (slick) and W5 (rain). As always, a good management of tyres will obviously play a crucial part, and the fight between gearbox kart specialists could also be influenced by the performance and longevity of the tyres. An additional element to be analysed by the followers…


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