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The Margutti Trophy always proves to be a kick. This time also! With participation at all time highs, the Italian bunch took two out of four classes – Federer in KZ2 and Tiene in KF2 – as underdogs Martin Kodric from Croatia and Logan Sargeant from the USA claimed two fantastic wins in KF3 and 60 Mini respectively. And if that wasn’t enough, this issue features more superb racing action from the Rotax Euro Challenge opening round, the second part of the TM KZ10 overhauling, the exclusive track test of the Pcr Super Strillo, and a lot more...


RACE REPORT – 23rd Andrea Margutti Trophy
Once again the Margutti stands out from all the other international racing events that are held in Italy. This event still continues to transmit the enthusiasm and excitement of karting like when it was lived in a more… happy go lucky manner. Like back when Andrea used to race.   

SPECIAL – Racing KF in the UK Readers’ Feedback
Following the publication of the article “Racing KF in the UK” in Vroom International April issue, it seemed appropriate to make a step forward and get the feedback of those who hit British tracks every weekend. Thanks to the support of ABKC Secretary Graham Smith, SuperOneSeries website and UK Karting Forum, British kart enthusiasts were able to read the full article and send us their comments, ideas and doubts, making it a truly enlightening experience.

RACE REPORT – Rotax Euro Challenge Rnd.1
With 190 drivers representing 30 nations from around the world, the opening event of the Rotax Euro Challenge left no room for the faint-hearted, even when it came to the race for positions just to qualify for Sunday’s all-important finals.

SPECIAL – From Karting to F1
Progression from karting to Formula 1 lives through passages, steps that are at present inconceivable not just for the driver, but for the entire Motor-sport system. It is important do work on re-organising, although it is absolutely against the trend compared to what is done by Formula 1 baby talent scout programmes.

TRACK TEST – Pcr Super Strillo
The fact that the tube is 28 mm in diameter section is not the only important characteristic of the Super Strillo chassis, one of the la test that has been homologated this year: there is in fact, an adjustable rear cross member, which enables you to have further adjustments, looking to best set up; especially for a wet track.

TECHNICAL SIDE – Overhauling KZ10 Engines by Franco Galiffa – Part 2
After having disassembled the TM KZ10, let’s continue with reassembling and testing the most important parameters in fiche.

With the national racing season in full swing, we report the major races from 7 countries across the globe, starting with Belgian BNL Karting Series, which saw the participation of top international drivers such as Max Verstappen and Beitske Visser among others. Also, the first round of the German DMV Kart Championship hosted a very competitive line up. From Denmark, we present the first successful round of the national Rotax series, and the (final?) demise of national KF racing. Quite the opposite happens in Japan, where KF1 and KF2 are still the top of the lot. Great success also for Australian Rotax Series and NZ Sprint Nationals, with a first ever federation race for state champions in Brazil.

COLUMNS – Mondokart, June racing calendar
This month in the news section: 2012 karting season deprived of European rounds in the World KF1 Championship; MSA, the British Motorsport federation, announced Iame as the winner of the tender for British Cadet championship engine; PSL Karting, Crg North America distributor organized the Crg Factory Support Day, an open day to test the entire Crg chassis range.
The closing section is our June national and international racing calendar, featuring 48 national events from 19 countries around the world, plus 5 high profile event from the international calendar.


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