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In the words of Nicolas Deschaux, President of the FFSA (the French federation) it’s a question of sound judgement and common sense. Topic: the future of karting international-level style.

It seems quite appropriate to report the considerations of Monsieur Deschaux at this stage (he put his thoughts in writing in the Editorial letter of the latest issue of France Auto Karting), to prove that our concerns about the current formula of KF racing as analysed in the recent article ‘State of KF Racing in the UK’ are shared at different levels.
As Deschaux put it ‘We hear talking about enormous budgets to race in the international categories. It will be useful to prove our common sense and reflect on a more accessible, less elitist karting. The future of our discipline will not be ensured by regulations that decrease the number of participants. Technical development has always been a very important factor in motorsport, but it must not constitute a hindrance to the success of the sport with the ever increasing costs. We must make sure the merits of the drivers outweigh those of the equipment.’

And if the President of the FFSA says so, there are no longer excuses not to make this into an international debate.
As usual, Vroom will give its contribution in shaping a brighter future for karting.


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