World KF1 Championship: heading for Asia

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As previously announced, the CIK-FIA had to resolve to sever its World KF1 Championship of its three European events for lack of a sufficient number of participants.

On the basis of a vote within the CIK Commission, the majority of the members have decided to maintain the Asian events of Suzuka (JPN) and Macau (MAC) as these events can count on local participation which can guarantee starting grids with a sufficient number of starters.
At the same time, the CIK Commission has decided not to apply the engine lottery principle in these events. The choice of engine makes is therefore left to the entrants’ appreciation.
These modifications are accompanied by the reopening of entries for all Drivers (without the restriction to Drivers originating from Asia) for the Suzuka event until 1st May at midnight. There will be separate entries for these two events, the entry deadline for Macau (to be organised on 20-21 October) being set at 14 September 2012.


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