“U18” World Championship: final deadline to enter

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Taking into account the changes to the 2012 calendar further to the impossibility to maintain the World KF1 Championship on the European continent, the CIK-FIA has decided to leave the “U18” World Championship entries open until 23 April (at midnight, Swiss time) so as to enable Drivers wishing to do so to reconsider the programme of their season.

74 Drivers have validated their entry for this “U18” World Championship, which confirms the success of the “economical” character of the formula. The official entry list will be published next week.
As a reminder, the sporting regulations of the Championship will also allow participations targeted on the sole French (Angerville) and/or Bahrain events thanks to specific entries.
In parallel to this “U18” World Championship a new edition of the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy will be held. By comparison with the two previous seasons, several new nations will join this prestigious competition which looks like a Nations’ Cup. The USA, Canada, Australia, Lebanon and Sri Lanka are among these new countries.

The on-line entry form is available by clicking here.


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