A World KF1 Championship without European rounds

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 Further to hearing and following the recommendations and desiderata of most of the major Manufacturers performing on the international Karting scene, the CIK-FIA had introduced a new World Championship format dedicated to the KF1 category for the year 2012, and five Organisers have trustfully invested in the organisation of events ...

... which were supposed to constitute the highlight of their season and possibly that of the history of their circuit or club.

On the back of receiving 16 entries and of the World Council’s green light to confirm the World Championship despite this small number of participants, the FIA and CIK, only a few days before the date scheduled for the publication of the entry list, had to deplore the announcement by the three main Manufacturers concerned (who represent 12 Drivers) that they would not participate in the competition if a minimum of 25 starters could not be reached.

Without yet cancelling the 2012 CIK-FIA World KF1 Championship, the CIK-FIA is therefore compelled to delete its three European events scheduled for Varennes (France), PF International (Great Britain) and Sarno (Italy). As the sporting regulations of the Championship stipulate that the Asian events of Suzuka and Macau can be reinforced by local participation, these two rounds could be maintained thanks to a large enough field. The CIK and FIA will shortly take a decision regarding the events scheduled for Japan and Macau.

The President of the CIK-FIA, Shaikh Abdulla, explained: “This situation is particularly harsh for international Karting and for the Organisers who for months had focussed on the preparation of their meeting, some of them having even made very big investments to host this World Championship. In addition to further improving its infrastructures, Varennes, for example, had launched a vast promotion campaign at the local and regional levels and succeeded in obtaining the support of several communities and authorities. And the PF International circuit owner has gone as far as extending its track by over 300 metres in view of the World Championship. At its next meeting, the CIK Commission will study in detail the elements and responsibilities which have led to this very prejudicial situation for Karting, and a report will be sent to the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

The Vice-President of the CIK-FIA, Kees van de Grint, added: “This World Championship has been the subject of many consultations over the last months and the CIK-FIA has designed it in accordance with the expectations of most Manufacturers, who were convinced that it was the way to go. In December 2011, four engine Manufacturers stated that they fully intended to enter, and so did several Teams depending directly or not on the Manufacturers. However, when it came to collecting the written entry applications, many promises flew away. It is obviously highly regrettable and we shall have to draw the conclusions thereof and probably take radical decisions to ensure the durability of the oldest FIA World Championship after Formula One. There is still good hope of concentrating the World KF1 Championship on Asia this year, subject to the agreement of the CIK Commission and of the World Council. As for the other World Championship, the “U18” one, it is guaranteed to take place in 2012 thanks to an amply sufficient number of participants.”

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