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Belgian BNL Karting Series opened up at Karting Genk in great fashion on 7-8th April. Besides the hot racing action, grids were filled with hotties... and drivers had to work very hard to keep the focus on the racing.

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Both dry and wet conditions made for a very interesting racing weekend, forcing drivers and mechanics to go the extra mile to be competitive all the way through.
Several top names crowded the starting grids, like in KZ2, with Max Verstappen and Beitske Visser sharing the spoils. The Rotax 2-speed DD2 class featured some of the best drivers in Europe, the likes of Xen De Ruwe, Mathias Detige, Patrick Pearce and Christophe Adams.
Also very intense were the races in Junior Max and Senior Max, with Sam Schippers and Bastian Hummel coming out on top respectively. Good numbers in the two entry level categories, Micro Max and Mini Max, which saw Rens van Pelt and Charles Op de Beeck on the top step of the podium in each respective class.

Going back to the other main reason of interest, wouldn’t you blush???

Well, I guess anyone would, and Max did too!

Download the results here

Find the entire race report, final standings and pictures in Vroom May issue.


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