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Fresh news from Australia tell of the commitment of the CIK Stars of Karting Series organisers to keep the same engines eligible to compete in 2013 and beyond despite the forthcoming engines homologation session. Proof that some in the karting world like things a bit more reasonable, focusing on the sustainability of a project rather than its excesses.

While karting in Europe is an everlasting race to the latest technical and technological evolution that can provide an edge over the competition, there are still some in the karting world that like things a bit more reasonable, focusing on the sustainability of a project rather than its excesses.
This is exactly what’s been recently announced it will happen in Australia. Since the CIK Stars of Karting Series championship was rejuvenated three years ago, the focus by organisers has been to maintain a control over the costs and the integrity of parity across the KF categories. While there is a new homologation process for engines to occur from January 1, 2013 it can be confirmed that the current IAME and Vortex engines for the two respective categories will remain eligible for competition in 2013 and beyond. CIK Stars of Karting Series organisers’ commitment to using the current engines for 2013 and beyond is testament to this.

Considering the CIK is yet to unveil the details of the formula of the new engines homologation, CIK Stars of Karting Series organisers have been laid out several provisions.

“Competitors in the Australian series can be assured of the following information:
- Should the engine formula of the homologation for KF engines remain in a similar vain as it currently stands, the series may request for an expression of interest from engine manufacturers to supply an engine alongside the current engines. The current IAME and Vortex engines may then receive a dispensation to maintain parity against a new engine - should one be introduced. Organisers can’t say what that can be at this point but it may consist of a different rev limit, altered exhaust spacer, cylinder head or something in a similar vain for the current engine compared to the new engine. If an adjustment for parity is required, there will be parity testing by independent parties to ensure the current engine is comparable to the new homologated engine.

- Should the engine formula of the homologation for the KF engines change dramatically, the introduction of any new engine into the category will be deferred for a minimum of 12 months. Australia has always taken the attitude that due to the situation of our series starting early in the homologation cycle and due to the European winter period we will always be 12 months out of step with the CIK homologation process.

- The series will be aiming to move even closer to the CIK’s KF2 regulations in 2013 for the Pro Light category, should the CIK regulations stay similar to what they currently are.
- The process to decide the tyre supplier for the period 2013 – 2015 (inclusive) will begin in the coming months with Expressions of Interest to be called for in due course.

Series Technical Officer Richard Erdmann is very clear about the mission of the CIK Series. “The one thing we would like to make very, very clear is that as a series we are very conscious of maintaining stability with engines used in the series. Unfortunately, with no concise direction from the CIK for the next homologation at this point in time, and without the use of a crystal ball, we are unable to confirm with clarity what the formula will be for the next homologation of engines. However, in saying that, the one thing we can commit to is whatever decision is made by the series we will guarantee that the current engine, if it isn’t the only one still being used, will be extremely competitive against any new homologated engine. We will continue to keep competitors up to date with the latest communication we receive in terms of the new homologation of engines and look forward to another great event at Newcastle next month.”

Round two of the 2012 CIK Stars of Karting Series presented by Castrol EDGE will be held in Newcastle on April 21/22.



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