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Further to the case of non-compliance revealed by a post-homologation test, the CIK-FIA had suspended the homologation assigned to the inlet silencers NOX 23 (homologation number 16/SA/18) and NOX 30 (No. 19/SA/18) of the Righetti Ridolfi brand.

Having been informed of the Manufacturer’s arguments and of the measures he has committed himself to taking in order for his products to be made to comply again, the CIK-FIA Commission has exceptionally accepted to restore the homologations, subject to a number of requirements being met.  

Firstly, to meet the requirements of the Homologation Regulations, the inlet silencers NOX 23 and NOX 30 must comprise an additional absorbing internal acoustic element. The addition of this element requires no modification to the initially homologated inlet silencer. The new homologation documents, which are henceforth the only valid ones, bear numbers 16/SA/18-02/01/SUP (NOX 23) and 19/SA/18-02/01/SUP (NOX 30).  To view the new Homologation Forms of the Righetti Ridolfi NOX 23 and NOX 30 inlet silencers, please click here.
Secondly, a significant fine has been inflicted on the Manufacturer for the serious infringement made during the production and the commercialisation of the inlet silencers.

Finally, the Righetti Ridolfi company had to commit itself to the FIA to supply the additional absorbing internal acoustic element free of charge to all the customers who own the null and void model.  Righetti Ridolfi has published a communication on its website to the attention of all of its customers concerning the fact that the NOX 23 and NOX 30 silencers have been made to comply and that the supply of the new absorbing acoustic elements are available from Righetti Ridolfi free of charge.

Press Release by: FIA Karting - 15/03/12

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