WMSC confirms drawing lots for engines at WKC

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The FIA World Motor Sport Council held in Milan on Friday 9th March approved the engine distribution by drawing lots for the World KF1 Championship. The controversial rule, which seemed to have been put aside by the CIK following the complaints of few top teams, will be the big novelty for 2012.

In order to provide as much fairness as possible, engine manufacturers will have to store the engines in the Parc Fermé before they get allocated to the drivers.

Also, another very controversial rule which has been deemed too unfair in several occasions in the past, has been completely dropped. We are talking about the 50 km/h speed limit rule while approaching the start line during the starting procedure. Drivers will only have to watch out the alignment as set by the yellow line.

And for those found underweight during qualifying practice and heats, penalty has been changed into the driver being qualified last in one race of the final phase and no interdiction to discount the null result.

For those who still have doubts on the Article 18, the WMSC has confirmed the need for any driver wishing to take part in events held outside of his country to hold an international licence.

As regards the technical regulations, in an attempt to simplify technical checks, from 2013 the transfer duct volume, the exhaust duct length, the internal profile of the exhaust duct outlet and the chord widths and the gasket of the cylinder of KF engines will be no longer under control.

Also from the next season, ignitions for KF engines will bear standardized principle sketch and connectors. And, as of 2014 Soft tyres will no longer be used, with only Medium and Hard  tyres available with different carcass for KF and KZ class. Specifically for gearbox classes, KZ2 will be fitted with Hard tyres, while KZ1 with Medium.

For all changes check the official press release below

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