Approval of Intake Silencer NOX23 and NOX30

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At the moment the Intake Silencer NOX23 (16/SA/18) e NOX30 (19/SA/18) is not complaint with ClK/FIA Standard [Article 8.8 of the ClK-FIA Homologations Regulations] and, as a result, cannot be used in any race, event, where compliance with that Standard is required...

To make it conform to the standards CIK/FIA, the Intake Silencers NOX23 and NOX30, you must place the additional element called “Noise-absorbing parts“, code KE062, Line 08, like to the attached drawing.

Righetti Ridolfi will provide free of charge the kits to adapt the silencer, to all affected customers, in order to make inlet silencers NOX23 - NOX30 accordance with CIK/FIA Homologations Regulations. The news Homologation Form, are available on the


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