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The new Jet adjusters for precise minute-marking
The Lonato Winter Cup not only marks the beginning of the international racing season, but also offers the opportunity to unveil brand new products and put them to the test. And it’s certainly the case for world famous carbs manufacturer Tillotson Racing, who introduced two high precision minute-marking devices in the market, compatible with most carburettors.

“The first of our brand new products is Quick Jet – says Tillotson President Charles Demirjian – which is a manual screw adjustment device of high and low jets, and the functioning is very easy. It’s a dual-turning screw, which allows to set the jet precisely after the on-track session without having to feedle too much. Once you service the carburettor and you take the needles out, if you want to put them back exactly to where they were before… well this device let’s you do that.”

Having said that the Quick Jet is compatible with most carbs currently available in the market, Tillotson will very soon provide heads attachments that will make it suitable for all carbs. “We are in the process of measuring the needles of all carbs in order to make the Quick Jet screw fit exactly the needles of all makes.”
Even more interesting is the Precision Jet, a remote jet controller that can be operated while racing...

We tell you all about it in Vroom March issue.


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