Amendments to the recommendations of the CIK-FIA for “ClasCIK” Karting

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During its meeting on 8 February in Paris, the CIK-FIA Commission made a few changes to the recommendations initially published in 2011 for the practice of Historic Karting.

The main modifications concern the definition of periods for the categories ClasCIK III (for karts from 1972 to 1977 instead of 1972 to 1976) and ClasCIK IV (for karts from 1978 to 1984 instead of 1977 to 1984). Other minor adjustments and clarifications have been approved and appear in blue print on the document attached.

These CIK-FIA recommendations for “ClasCIK” Karting will obviously be applied in the two special meetings that the CIK-FIA will dedicate to its 50th anniversary during the 2012 season and for which further information will shortly be published on


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