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The International Karting Commission met on 8 February in Paris and discussed the proposals to be submitted to the next meeting of the World Motor Sport Council. These proposals concern sporting, technical and homologation (engines, ignitions and tyres) matters.

On request of the Italian ASN (National Sporting Authority) and of the Organiser concerned, the date of the fourth event of the World KF1 Championship and of the World Cups for KZ1 and KZ2 scheduled for Sarno (ITA) has been brought forward by one week, from 9 to 2 September 2012 so as to avoid a clash of dates with the Italian Formula One Grand Prix.

In the face of various difficulties met by the ASNs to develop KF categories at the regional and national levels, the members of the CIK-FIA have mandated Vice-President Kees van de Grint to study the concept of a simplified engine type. “There are several requests that we must meet”, explained the Vice-President. “On the one hand, the current KF engines are too costly and, on the other hand, they necessitate too many investments in electronic means from ASNs and/or Organisers to control efficiently the conformity of clutches and rev limiters. It is a project on which the CIK-FIA must work in the next few months. For the time being, it will be proposed to the World Motor Sport Council to lighten the technical regulations governing the existing KF engines, in particular by deleting as from 2013 the control of the cylinder transfer ducts volumes and by standardising certain components as well as the general sketch of ignition systems.”

The mode of allocation of engines by lottery has also been clarified for the 2012 World KF1 Championship. Two engines chosen from the set of engines of the brand selected by each Driver will be distributed on the Thursday morning for the event and will systematically be kept in the Parc Fermé between practice sessions and races. At the beginning of each of the five events of the Championship, the engine Manufacturers shall place in the Parc Fermé a minimum of 10 identical engines, whether only one, two, three or four Drivers are entered with their make. For each additional Driver entered, the Manufacturer shall supply two extra engines. So for example if 9 Drivers opt for the same make, the latter will have to place in the Parc Fermé 20 identical engines, and the engines (and exhausts) will be allocated in a random draw. Each Manufacturer is free to decide if he wants to supply – for a maximum price declared when he entered as a supplier – the engine fitted with a carburettor and inlet silencer or not. Should mechanical interventions on the engines prove necessary, they shall be carried out by an accredited representative of the Manufacturer concerned, under the monitoring of a CIK-FIA Official. The regulations also stipulate that the CIK-FIA may at any time exchange engines and/or accessories during the event between Drivers using the same make.

“In order to guarantee equal opportunities for Drivers having chosen the same engine brand”, explained the President of the CIK-FIA, Cheikh Abdulla, “this system is ideal. And for the Manufacturers concerned, it will continue to ensure direct competition perhaps even more enhancing than with the previous system as the service will henceforth be extended and no longer necessarily focused on a designated and favoured leader. This notion of equal service is essential and must logically encourage private Drivers to enter the World Championship, including against the so-called official Teams. The top category itself is no longer basically different from KF2 since it has adopted its engine type. As for the CIK-FIA, it is devoting itself to giving major media coverage to its World Championships and to negotiating partnerships which could contribute to the funding of KF1 Drivers’ travels as their programme includes three events in Europe and two in Asia.”

The opening of entries for the CIK-FIA World KF1 Championship is scheduled for Monday 13 February at 10h00. Entries are limited to 34 and will be validated according to their date of receipt. Entries will be reopened only for licence-holders from the Asia-Pacific region wishing to take part in the events of Suzuka (JPN) and/or Macau (MAC).
Subject to certain conditions the sporting regulations of the World KF1 Championship will authorise Drivers to change chassis and/or engines during the season.

Press Release by: FIA Karting - 13/02/12

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