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Bardahl manufacturer from Racing Lubricants since 1939 has launched a complete new 2 stroke kart racing oil. This oil is developed, tested and approved together with EGP racing (Wim Ecykmans) official Maranello Engine tuner KF-KZ

° Vegetable Ricinus 2 stroke kart racing oil
° High stability with high temperatures
° Keeps engine & Powervalve very clean  ( ash less)
° Less wear and high protection of conrod,piston etc..
° Maximum performance for your engine
° Biodegradable  
° Can be used with all  fuels , Normal, racing , bio and methanol fuels
° For KF-KZ-TAG , water or air-cooled engines, rotary engines
° CIK – FIA  Approval 2012
!!! This Oil cannot be mixed with other 2 stroke oils !!!
BARDAHL has a complete Product range for Karting
Distributors wanted Worldwide

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